Once again Mattel's Jeremy Padawer has returned with answers to all of your burning questions regarding Mattel's plan for the Masters of the Universe brand.

1. Is Mattel planning anymore commemorative videos with the figures?

A: In 2003, we will continue to concentrate on establishing the new animated series with kids. Any figure plus video combination would include footage from the first season of production.

2. Are one He-Man and Skeletor variant still planned for every wave in 2003?

A: Not necessarily of He-Man and Skeletor!

3. Can you tell us when we can expect to see Snake Mountain as a playset?

A: We have some very cool news regarding evil enemies play sets in 2003. In the Fall, one of the great evil icons of the show will also now be one of your most prized evil enemies play sets. I can't be too specific on this yet, but in season #2 some of the coolest warriors in the history of the Masters line will be born. You will be able to bring these warriors to life!

4. When will the Battle-Ram Chariot and Battle Tank be widely available in the US, as our Canadian neighbors seem to have them already?

A: We should be in wide distribution by January 03.

5. Can we expect figures of characters from the new and old cartoon series
who did not have figures produced in the classic line? (i.e. Dree'Elle from
the classic or Hawk from the new)

A: You'll only see figures based on characters from the new cartoon. But that does not mean classic characters may not appear in the new cartoon. One example of something from the new cartoon would be the accessory aerial flight packs which should hit the stores in Dec 02 / Jan 03. These battling air creatures have child activated, push-button flapping wings. You will be able to transform and attach your creature to a 6" Masters of the Universe figure for air battle or detach and fly freeform. Wings extend and claws are removable.

6. Fans remember as children that many would have liked some generic
guardsman, (i.e. the Palace Guards of Eternia) to be able to collect
multiples of and build small armies. Is anything like this being considered?

A: This is an excellent idea. One issue that we access in building new figures is whether the figure is compelling enough to both the kid and adult collector audience. For every guardsman that is on the shelf, there is one less Zodak, Mossman, Evil Lyn, Stratos or even Randor. We will continue to build secondary figures, and as the waves of heroic warriors and evil enemies continue to deliver the quality and impact you expect, we'll have to assess whether it makes sense to build the guardsmen.

7. Did the Four Horsemen design the characters who have only appeared in
cartoon format thus far, (i.e. Evil-Lyn, the Sorceress, King Randor,
Clawful, etc)?

A: I can assure you that the Horsemen have worked on both characters you've seen in the show as well as characters that will take the Eternian world by storm early in season #2. On a side note, I reviewed the sculpts of these unmentionable figures and all I'm breathless... in both aesthetics and features the 6'' figures just continue to break through.

8. Will there be more mini figures and what can you tell us about them if
there are?

A: There will be more mini figures in Spring 2003, with 6 figures in the mini figures assortment (including 4 characters completely new to the mini figure format - Orko, Teela, Trapjaw & Triclops - as well as a very cool He-Man and Skeletor figure). There will also be a mini figure gift set with Ram Man as the exclusive figure.

9. Any chance for MOTU toys for younger children like the ones that have
begun appearing for such properties as Harry Potter and Star Wars? (i.e.
Star Wars Playschool figures, plush toys, etc)

A: Again, excellent question. Masters is one of the few properties that effectively reaches out over multiple generations. The kid adoption of Masters of the Universe amongst our target kid audience has been building in a steady, impressive fashion and the adult collector audience has been extremely supportive of the brand. We will continue to develop innovative toys that achieve both the playability kids demand with the collectibility adults desire. While we have not developed a Rescue Heros-like Masters for 2003, this is something that we are looking into for the years to come.

10. Will we see any of the classic vehicles remade into toys any time soon
(the ones in the poll especially)?

A: Ab-so-lutely.

12. Many fans are still looking forward to hearing about any non-electronic
based games. Are there any trading card, board, or other types of
non-electronic games that you can talk about yet?

A: Again, absolutely... watch for both games and puzzles in 2003 and 2004.

13. We know a lot about future figures, but virtually nothing about future
vehicles and play sets...could you please give us any info on anything
bigger we can look forward to?

A: See question #3. I will give you one more hint as to future vehicles. When I look into a crystal ball, I see the first mechanically operated Masters of the Universe vehicle with an extremely innovative feature coming your way in July/August 2003!

14. Why was the sorceress so radically changed from her former self in
comparison to the other characters?

A: The Sorceress underwent major maxillofacial surgery in 1993 after a freak dental accident. You know how it is. You walk into the dentist's office with a toothache and walk out looking completely different. Her book, "New Tooth, New Face, New Life" is undergoing final revisions and should be released in late 2003.