Mattel has the answers to your questions!
Jeremy Padawer sits down to let the fans in on what's happening!

1. Are there any plans for Mail-In figures or Store Exclusives at this time, and if so, can you give us any details?

We have some exciting promotions coming in 2003. While I can not discuss in depth, you can watch for exclusives in all of the major accounts in 2003. As far as mail-in figures, this is something that we are seriously considering.

2. Is there any methodology to how often waves of figures will be released or how many figures will be included in each?

Absolutely, we are very careful in our mix management and in making good financial decisions regarding the numbers of figures released. The bottom line is that, like the collecting community, we want Masters to be around a long, long time.

3. If a MOTU collector's club does come into existence, might we see more comemeratives available through it and will membership be open to international fans as well?

Yes. Fans have been so supportive of our Hot Wheels Collector Club and the limited edition product offered to the members of that club. We are likely to pursue a similar strategy in the Masters line. Watch for exclusive product and rare items directly from the show (signed scripts, art) offered online in 2003.

4. Can you shed any more light on this "controversial" Mecha-Neck variant?

Yes. We have released three true variant, extremely limited redecos for Masters figures in 2002 - He-Man, Skeletor, and Mekaneck. Regarding the controversial nature of variant figures, do not confuse an exclusive item with a variant item. An exclusive item is specifically geared toward a retail account. So, for instance, Target will be the only account to have the 2-Pack with video on shelf. A variant item is either a purposeful or unintentional (which happens) deco change on a figure, which is available at all retailers at extremely limited numbers. While we have exclusive figures at each account, we want to make sure we always keep it interesting for the adult collector with the occasional, rare variant deco.

5. We've heard about a special 2-Pack coming out with a comic book. Are there any plans to release it internationally as well once the other figures are in stores outside the US, or will it be an US-Exclusive item?

Yes, there are plans on releasing this item internationally - 1 year after the domestic launch at Target.

6. How many figure waves can we expect in 2003, assuming sales are good?

Sales have been great! You can count on 4 waves of heroic figures and 2 waves of evil figures at retail in 2003. Each wave is often made up of 2 mixes, where we stagger the release of newly redeco'd and tooled figures at retail. We are striving to always have new news for the adult collector and kid collector alike.

7. Might we see figures/toys of some of the larger MOTU characters or characters from the "Powers of Grayskull" line, like the fan favorite Granamyr or He-Ro "The Most Powerful Wizard in the Universe"?

There are no plans at this time for the "Powers of Grayskull" line. You will have to cherish the figures that you currently have for now!

8. Will initial figures continue to be available throughout the lifetime of the series?
(i.e., will you still be able to buy a regular He-Man from this initial launch a year or two from now?)

Great question. As a general rule, once a figure is off the shelf, it will never appear in that particular deco again.

9. Will Zodac, Screeech, and Zoar make appearances in the new toy line or cartoon?
(As yet, there's been no word on these in any medium.)

Not tellin.

10. When will we get to see any more prototypes at all, but also particularly of female characters and vehicles?

You will see a prototype of a female figure in the next few months. A female figure will be in one of our Fall 03 waves!

11. Of the figures we know are coming, (Teela, Orko, etc), can you shed any light on their action features?

Teela has a waist twisting feature (like He-Man). Orko is posable and he comes with a spring-loaded orb-like design.

12. Will there be new painted box art at any time during the line, rather than just pictures of the toys? Many fans have great memories of the original art.

Great question. Is this something you'd like to see?
(I'll get Adam to pop in a poll here)

13. Is Mattel exploring the possibility of mini comics being reintroduced with the figures?