ToyFare #65 will have a mail away offer for an exclusive Faker action figure.
He's priced at $15.00 US.

The picture seen below is the first prototype and has been changed since.

The orange harness will have black rivets, the black belt will have purple rivets and the sword's green highlights will be a matching purple, and a robotic chest sticker.
It will be molded in Blue and the paint app will be much better.
A new picture will be available soon.

Faker will be limited to 3 per coupon.

It does not come with a voice chip, so the figure cannot interact with Castle Grayskull. The addition of the voice chip would have significantly increased the price. Faker will be packaged in a Masters of the Universe box.

Thus far, Faker has not been included on Mattel's release schedule. It's possible he may be planned for a wave in the distant future.

Faker was the figure ToyFare wanted to see produced and they have been working for months to get it done. Most of the members of ToyFare staff are rabid He-Man fans. When it came time to see about doing an exclusive figure offer, this was it.

Issue #65 hits comic stores November 13th and newstands November 26th.
You can also order online from two weeks after it hits newstands. You can find stores that carry it through the comic shop store locator at Diamond Comics or 1-888-COMICBOOK.