Masters of the Universe #1 Sells Out

ORANGE, CA -- 20 December, 2002 -- Image Comics has announced that Diamond has completely sold out of Masters of the Universe #1 by Val Staples, Emiliano Stanalucia and Marco Failla. Masters of the Universe #1 was Diamond Comics Distributors' top-selling comic for the month of November 2002. The first of four issues returning He-Man and company to comics after a lengthy absence, Masters of the Universe #1 featured three covers, by Santalucia, J. Scot Campbell and Tim Townsend and Earl Norem, respectively. All three versions of the first issue arrived in stores on December 11.

"I'm getting a slight sense of deja vu with this news," said Image Puublisher/Vice-President Jim Valentino. "Just a little over a year ago, we were announcing that the first issue of G.I. Joe had immediately sold out; now it's happening again with Masters of the Universe!"

"As is customary with Image titles, we printed enough copies of Masters of the Universe for a healthy number of reorders, but it's clear that we underestimated the demand for this title," said Image Director of Marketing Eric Stephenson. "A second printing of Masters of the Universe #1 is on the way, though, and should be available in early January, featuring an all-new cover by Santalucia."

Originally a popular line of toys produced by Mattel, Inc. (NYSE:MAT) in the '80s, the current Masters of the Universe revival is based around a new animated series by Mike Young Productions that began airing in August on Cartoon Network. Mattel is also producing a toyline featuring new versions of He-Man, Skeletor and crew, with input from Staples' MV Creations.

"We're extremely pleased that Masters of the Universe was so well received," said Staples. "We hope that fans, new readers and collectors have found the comic to be fun and true to the Masters of the Universe mythos. And we hope everyone continues to enjoy the miniseries as it leads into a slightly edgier regular series."

Masters of the Universe #2 will be in stores January 15, 2003.