Transcript of Monday, December 30th chat with Mattel's Jeremy Padawer.

[Hobyman] Welcome Jeremy :)

[JeremyPadawer] Hi everyone!

[Emiliano] hi Jeremy, nice to meet you again! :-D

[JeremyPadawer] Hi Emiliano... great seeing you!

[Count-Marzo] I cant believe how many people are in here

[Rosepixie] I've never seen so many people in here!

[JeremyPadawer] Great seeing everyone. Don't forget that at the end of the chat we
will have an open forum.

[TheShadow] Ok everyone we are about to start

[JeremyPadawer] Great!

[RonWeasley] Is there any chance that Mattel would want Mike Young to do an animated
movie for theaters? Perhaps to bring in SHE-RA? (and please have BOB FORWARD write

[JeremyPadawer] Ron, it's no secret that there has been some interest in bringing
Masters to the big screen. I realize after the first installment of the live action
movie, you might be slightly less receptive to a live action He-Man! However, we're
looking at both possibilities.

[RonWeasley] Cool thank you

[JeremyPadawer] Mike Young has been such a wonderful partner in this.

[Drev] Jeremy, will there be any plans on future toy swords like Skeletor's and an
adult sized version of He-man's and Skeletor's? because you know that it's not just
kids who want to play with them ;)

[JeremyPadawer] There are future plans for both He-Man's sword as well as Skeletor's
Havok Staff. As far as an adult oriented Sword and Staff... hmmmm....There are two
issues there: (and let me first start by saying that's a very cool idea). 1) We
would probably license out an adult oriented sword or staff to a 3rd party who specializes
in reaching the adult audience. 2) Whenever we make a product it is generally geared
toward the male-action toy aisle. Because we have limited space, we want to make
sure we put items on that aisle that are more geared toward the kid audience... it
would be risky to do an adult targeted item. However, this isn't to say we wouldn't
actively seek a partnership with a 3rd party who is willing to undertake the risk
AND lives up to the quality of our other licensees. As you know, we've managed to
get the best of the best. (thankfully, whew!)

[Takken] Um... Would you know if any of the other Trollans (Dree-Elle is mainly what
I'm worrying about) from the old show are going to be in the new one?

[JeremyPadawer] Ah... Dree-Elle, the fabulous girl friend of Orko.

[Takken] Yeah, her. Heh..

[JeremyPadawer] So, would you want Montork or Dree-Elle to make a come back? ok. done.
;) Creatively, Mike Young has gone into the background of many of the Masters characters...Orko
will certainly be explored. Not with Dree Elle from what I understand. I need to
re-read everything.

[Thunderpunch] Will there be an updated version of the classic power sword made available?

[JeremyPadawer] Thunderpunch, are you asking whether we'll make an exact replica?

[Thunderpunch] yes

[JeremyPadawer] There aren't plans to make an exact replica. Plans can change based
upon the demand however.

[Thunderpunch] ok.. thanks!

[Jaster_99] hey. pass

[JeremyPadawer] Jaster, no way.

[TheShadow] Pass?

[JeremyPadawer] It's not that easy!

[TheShadow] :P

[Jaster_99] way


[JeremyPadawer] ok. I'll ask you a question.

[Jaster_99] cool. ask away

[JeremyPadawer] What's been your favorite episode of the new series?

[Jaster_99] hard to say seeing as how YTV has not aired the last 3 episodes, but from
what i've seen, "Lessons". Larry DiTillio is talent. "Mekaneck's Lament" is a close
second. Marzo is the MAN

[JeremyPadawer] Jaster, sweet.

[Jaster_99] In fact, many of us want, no, demand a Count Marzo figure

[JeremyPadawer] Jaster, I've been reading the boards. I know that there is interest
in the Count Marzo figure.Well...If we did a Marzo figure in the short-term, it would
probably be limited run - like a Comic Con item. However, once the show has had
a few years, we would definitely consider a Marzo in the line.

[ian-rose] any plans to maybe revamp some of the orginal he-man theme music like the
transition in maybe a more guitar driven sound for modern day for the new cartoon,
or any other he-man features?

[JeremyPadawer] Ian, great question. Yes. Absolutely.

[the-parasite-eve] Well.. okay...

[JeremyPadawer] Hi the-parasite-eve!

[the-parasite-eve] (Hiya! ^^) In 'The Monster Within', we saw Two-Bad as two seperate
people. Is Mattel considering making figures of the two bounty hunters that later
become Two-Bad?

[JeremyPadawer] Maybe you should have been there with the 4 Horsemen during the sculpting

[the-parasite-eve] Oh WOW!

[JeremyPadawer] Regarding Too Badd, I am going to spill some beans... sheesh. I'm
in trouble already.First, I can tell you that Too Badd will be one of the best figures
on the shelf... period.

[the-parasite-eve] I absolutley can't wait for Two-Bad now after seeing the episode.

[JeremyPadawer] Too Badd will not be able to be broken down into 2 unique figures.
:( But, the upside is that the figure completely rules. And, that's business speak
for the figure is great.

[Skinny_Puppy123] Have all of the Masters of the Universe characters names been programed
into Castle Grayskull? or are we out of luck when we get new figures and it wont
recognize them? (sorry if this has already been answered some where else already
:) )

[JeremyPadawer] Skinny Puppy, again great question. We have not programmed Grayskull
to recognize future characters beyond Spring 2003. While Grayskull was a successful
playset this year, we found in testing that kids did not get as much out of the figure
recognition feature as we would have expected or hoped. In our testing, many kids
found the feature to detract from the toy and kids wanted to take over the activation
points. So, in our Fall 2003 Castle, we have opted for additional push button features
over the figure recognition features. We will not change the sculpt of Grayskull
this year. New buttons. New features.

[Ram_Man] my question is , are mattel considering varients (such as Jungle Attack
He-Man) for other secondary characters such as was done with Samurai Man At Arms
, for instance Ram Man, Mer Man Beast Man etc... especially ram man hehe

[JeremyPadawer] Ram Man, yes. We are definitely going to bring back all of the core
Masters of the Universe characters in new sculpts and decos, with new cool features.
With that said...I know that many of you in the adult collector community are purists
at heart... whether we are talking about baseball or Masters of the Universe, you
love the purity of the original figures. We are working with the Horsemen to make
sure that any redeco is done with as much care as the original figure... we'll stay
as true to the brand. As you guys know, the retail environment is very competitive.
In order to keep the toy line running strong, we always have to be as receptive
to new things as possible. So, for the purists, forgive us just a little bit when
we seemingly stray. Got to keep the retailers and kids interested as well.

[Ram_Man] well i can only speak for myself but i dont mind varients :) thanks for
the answer :)

[JeremyPadawer] COOL.

[_Matrix_Prime_] Jeremy, what is the purpose of short-packing a particular figure?
It makes it that much harder to collect them all, and it gives scalpers a chance
to obtain the figures and sell them for high prices on the Internet. To me, it seems
that short-packing a figure only works in favor of a scalper, and leaves the collectors
dissatisfied and angry. For instance, I know that the new Ram Chariot with Skeletor
is short packed when compared to the Battle Tank. With that being said, is the short-packing
issue going to change in the future?

[JVS3] I knew that one was coming. :-D

* JVS3 can hear Mr. Padawer typing. ;-)

[JeremyPadawer] Matrix, we realize that there has been more demand for the secondary
characters than we anticipated, from both the adult collectors and kids alike. In
the figures, you should have already noticed a trend away from 5:1 casepacks for
instance. With a vehicle, we will almost always produce more of the heroic vehicle
than the evil. This isn't to help out the scalpers. There will always be secondary
figures that are slightly harder to find...

[TheDarkSkull] What plans do you have on completely new characters to be added to
the Masters of the universe Saga, if any?

[JeremyPadawer] DarkSkull, yes... especially as we move into season 2 and beyond.

[Optimus-Prime] hey any info on 12 inch line next year "stinkor,mossman 2003" really
want full 12 inch line badly

[JeremyPadawer] Optimus, we are going to ease into the 12'' line with He-Man and Skeletor,
before expanding to additional figures.

[Rosepixie] Is there any possibility that we will get a Queen Marlena figure this
time around? There wasn't one last time and it would be great if they made one now
(I always wanted one, and I like her new design even more than her old one, even
if many people disagree with me).

[JeremyPadawer] Rosepixie, I can most definitely understand your interest in Marlena.
As far as producing a Marlena sculpt, we are not likely to produce her in wide distribution,
but ;)

[Rosepixie] Cool! Thanks!

[JeremyPadawer] again she would make a great collector figure.

[MatthewLMartin] What can you tell us about how the Masters of the Universe storyline
will develop over the course of the next year? Will any new factions be introduced?
Will any major secrets be revealed?

[JeremyPadawer] Matthew, absolutely... I can't get too specific here. In season #2,
there will be a whirlwind of both known foes, foes from the past, and maybe something
completely unexpected. and the hits won't stop coming...let's just say.

[RedBaron] Will the Four Horsemen be doing all the sculpts for the individual figures
in the line or will Mattel seek out other designers for subsequent waves? I love
what the 4HM are doing and I'd hate to see them go.

[JeremyPadawer] RedBaron, the Horsemen have been working diligently on the Masters
figures. They are currently working on prelim sculpts for the Fall 04 line.

[RedBaron] Thanks

[LORD_FALLEN_ELDOR] How many unique (non variation of he-man, skeletor or anyone else)
evil and heroic characters can we expect to see in 03?

[JeremyPadawer] let me count. ;)

[JVS3] 50!

* JVS3 is joking.

[JeremyPadawer] more than 15.

[Raven2002] Can we get a hint as to the She Ra character? such as hero or villain

[JeremyPadawer] Raven, I don't have any hints on She-Ra. :( I mentioned
in the previous chat...this is more of a Ropers vs. Three's Company strategy. Anyone
remember that quote?

* TheShadow remembers

* JVS3 is trying to forget

* TheShadow reminds everyone that Adora is a fox

* Lioncourt remembers

* Ram_Man wasnt here

[TheShadow] I think Raven may have been asking about the one Princess of Power character
that is suppose to appear in season 1. I think Larry Ditillio mentioned it

[Raven2002] that was what i meant lol

[JeremyPadawer] Ah. Easter Egg. heh.

[TheShadow] Jerico will have the last question of the evening

[Jerico] Good Evening Y 2 Jeremy, Since this is MOT Universe, any chance we will see
the rest of the Universe? Meaning other planets (not Earth) and the people from
there who may crave the power with in GraySkull. And what about Mini-cons...Just

[JeremyPadawer] Mini-Cons! There are no plans to take He-Man to space in the new
series OR bring space people to Eternia... other dimensions yes... space, not necessarily.

[Jerico] I see. Thanks

[JeremyPadawer] This isn't to say that it won't happen!

[JeremyPadawer] We haven't started on the sculpts of She-Ra figures... We definitely
should sit down with the Horsemen regarding those issues.

[JeremyPadawer] Evil Lynn will have elements of new sculpt and elements of Teela.
But, it will be 100% Evil Lynn.

[JeremyPadawer] We don't have a release date just yet.

[JeremyPadawer] great question... I wouldn't count out mini comics in the waves to

[JeremyPadawer] Bhitman, the wave #4 villans are the Spring 04 villans. We will not
be releasing that line up just yet. !

[JeremyPadawer] my favorite character is Stratos.

[JeremyPadawer] You won't be disappointed regarding Snakemen. ;)

[JeremyPadawer] We're working through the international launch as we speak.

[JeremyPadawer] We should be all out internationally by September.

[JeremyPadawer] International will remain 1 year behind be provided all of the Masters
figures/vehicles as were provided domestically (US).

[JeremyPadawer] Yes, (Mini) busts through a licensee.

[JeremyPadawer] Snake Mountain - definitely in the works, but not an 03 release.

[MatthewLMartin] OK, Jeremy, here's an offbeat question--how much time passed between
the flashback in "The Beginning" and the start of the main series? (I'm trying to
figure out if there's enough time for Adam and Adora to be born, Hordak to kidnap
Adora, and Keldor to banish Hordak before the creation of the Mystic Wall.)

[JeremyPadawer] Matthew! Whew. Matthew, good question. I'll have an answer for that in our next

[MrKuhl] Jer - how old is Adam - that will tell MatthewMartin his answer and the age
that he was supposed to have his first date

[JeremyPadawer] MrKuhl, Adam is 16.

[Guest1274] i was wondering how come that Cringer do'n't talk in the new he-man cartoon

[JeremyPadawer] Cringer doesn't speak due to a freak accident that occurred in 1985
in Wisconsin. In truth, Cringer isn't speaking due to a creative decision at Mike
Young. Of course we gave our blessing.

[Fisto] Will the horde return?

[JeremyPadawer] FISTO.... the answer to that question is...

[LORD_FALLEN_ELDOR] how much creative controle does MYP have oer the show?

[JeremyPadawer] Lord Fallen, Mike Young Productions is the heart of the creative unit.
We do what you might expect a property owner would do... however, I can tell you
that we trust those guys.

[Fisto] Will Faker, be avalible internationally?

[JeremyPadawer] Fisto, not in the deco offered through Toy Fair mag.


[JeremyPadawer] Ron, what if I told you right now that we're bringing back Hordak
- no question...


[JeremyPadawer] Ron, I can't tell you definitively. I can tell you that my crystal
ball says that you'll be a happy camper.

[PrinceKnightwing75] My Teela will not stand up? Any suggestions?

[JeremyPadawer] Prince, use her staff.

* TheShadow likes the New Adventures of He-Man

[TheShadow] Come on Jeremy, allow one episode in space

[JeremyPadawer] The Shadow, He-Man in space... didn't we try that?

[Spirit] With the dissapointing season that retailers in the US just experienced is
Mattel pleased with sales in the MOTU line as a whole, and has the holiday season
affected your plans for the upcmoing year as far as releases go?

[JeremyPadawer] Spirit, we have received a warm welcome from retailers and consumers...thankfully,
despite the economy.

[raoul-duke] I would like to know if Panthor is still shipping. I haven't been able
to get one yet, and I'm not looking forward to spending $20 for one at Suncoast if
I can help it

[JeremyPadawer] Raoul, we will ship more basic Panthor.

[Ram_Man] something thats bothered me is why MOTU was released world wide at the beginning?
why only north america?

[JeremyPadawer] We shipped to the US only because we are literally finishing episodes
a week before they air on the Cartoon Network. So, there wouldn't be enough time
to translate. We are working with affiliates to translate and have on air at least
1-3 months before the toys hit the stores.

[LORD_FALLEN_ELDOR] How many vehicles can we expect to see in 03?

[JeremyPadawer] Lord, I count 3.

[TexasRanger] Jeremy - who is the bigger nerd - Frodo, Prince Adam or you?

[JeremyPadawer] TexasRanger, Frodo. I'm second.

[Count-Marzo[sad]] Jeremy: Fill in the blank ----] "The Horde is __________"

[JeremyPadawer] The Horde is ____so close____.

[MatthewLMartin] All right, let me ask it the _right_ way: "Is Keldor still _Randor's_
brother?" :-)

[JeremyPadawer] Matthew, let's let the show sort that one out!

[Guest4786] Jeremey can we get a KELDOR figure?

[TexasRanger] Keldor would be cool - maybe at comicon?

[JeremyPadawer] QUESTION: Would a 6'' Keldor figure at Comic-Con interest you?

[Fisto] If a live action MOTU film is made, would it be a sequal, to the 87 one or
a whole new version, or a prequal?

[JeremyPadawer] Fisto, I have a feeling that any new live action movie would have
VERY LITTLE to do with the 1987 version.

[Thunderpunch] can we still sign up for the faker??

[JeremyPadawer] Thunderpunch, that would definitely be done through Toy Fare. I'm
not sure regarding their availability.

[mosman29] jeremy some info on snake mountain

[JeremyPadawer] Mosman, I can tell you that Snake Mountain would be a Grayskull sized

[JeremyPadawer] _ _ r _ _ k is a_m_ _ _ h_re

[TheShadow] Hordak is a_m_ _ _ h_re

[Drev] Hordak is almost here!

[Fisto] Jeremy, apart from the movie figures, are there any figures, from the original
line, that will not make the new one?

[JeremyPadawer] Fisto, yes...


[MatthewLMartin] Jeremy--Tomart's reporting that the problems with finding Mekaneck
are going to be corrected soon. Any truth to that?

[JeremyPadawer] Matthew, YES.

[Guest0586] What about Clawful?

[JeremyPadawer] Clawful rocks.

[Evil-Count-Marzo] what about the Zodac rumor?!?!

[JeremyPadawer] Zodac is going to rock.

[JVS3] Does Zodac have dark pigmentation in his skin?

[JeremyPadawer] Yes. And, that is very very cool. The best thing about Eternia is
the diversity... always has been.

[JeremyPadawer] Masters of the Universe is the result of both the passion from the
fans, as well as a whole team of unsung heros at Mattel. I am honored to have the
opportunity to represent them in speaking with you. From marketing, design and engineering.

[Guest4786] Please give Tri-Klops an origin!

[JeremyPadawer] Triklops will have a cool origin.

[Guest0586] What about Scareglow?

[JeremyPadawer] Scareglow. eh.

[ManEFacesFan] will any more re issues?

[JeremyPadawer] We could consider revisiting it as a retail exclusive item in '03.


[JeremyPadawer] Guest, yes.


[JeremyPadawer] Guest, that is so funny.

[SwiftWindX] Has Mattel given MYP the green light for season 2 yet?

[JeremyPadawer] Swift, yes.

[TheShadow] Another 26 episodes for season #2 ?

[JeremyPadawer] TheShadow, potentially 26.

[ManEFacesFan] when will Season 2 begin?

[JeremyPadawer] August 2003.

[TheShadow] What is the exclusive figure for comic con?

[JeremyPadawer] TheShadow... The exclusive figure could be Keldor.

[TheShadow] Will Mattel be going to Wizard World Chicago?

[JeremyPadawer] Yes.

[TheShadow] is the exclusive figure available at Wizard World also?

[JeremyPadawer] TheShadow, potentially.

[SwiftWindX] Obvious Mattel is not in the video distribution business, but one does
not have to look very hard to see bootlegged copies of the original series being
sold, (and even the new one). DVD would be the prefered method of release for these
shows, we'd love to see them.

[JeremyPadawer] Swift, totally agree.

[Guest7167] Jeremy: Are ALL the characters on the show based on 4H designs (A certain
count..) and what products do thge 4H work on (figs, minifigs, vehicles, accessories,
etc.) who, if not the horsemen, designs the latter?

[JeremyPadawer] Guest, the 4H primarily work on the figures... the mini figs are based
on the 6'' fig sculpt (pano'd down). They do some work on the vehicles. Our internal
design team is pretty amazing.

[MatthewLMartin] Jeremy--Does this mean that we'll get a 6" Cobra Armor Skeletor?
Cobra Armor Skeletor was listed on a list of second-wave minifigures, and pretty
much confirmed by the MV Productions Skeletor lithograph.

[JeremyPadawer] Matthew, ok... jig's up.

[Guest5704] jeremy is moss man in the works

[JeremyPadawer] yes. whoops.

[Fisto] Are Man-e-Faces and Buzz Off, wave 4 0r 5 figures?

[JeremyPadawer] Fisto, soon.

* Jeremy leaves the chat mysteriously, and then returns...

[He-ManofGS] Any hints as to the next SDCC fig?

[JeremyPadawer] yes - I'll even tell you what it is.

[Bret] yowza

[JeremyPadawer] Keldor. 6'' Keldor. !

[Lioncourt] seriously?

[JeremyPadawer] yes. And we'll up the production run a bit this year too. Probably
more like 2500...

[JeremyPadawer] This is it for me, guys! It's been a pleasure. Thank you on behalf
of the entire team at Mattel. Again, it's a sincere honor to talk with you.