Pleae read this entire document for important chat info!

The chat session will be locked (meaning you can not type until allowed) and each user will be allowed to ask a question one at a time.
Please arrive 20 prior to the start of the session and have your question prepared by typing it out ahead of time!
If you do not respond when the moderators prompt you for your question, they will quickly move on to the next user.

The last 15 minutes of the room will be open and everyone can talk as they please until the guest wishes to leave.
Just please remember to be respectful and let them finish answering each question before flooding them with 100 more.

Rules for the Chat (Everyone loves rules, right?)

Rule #1 - The Guest is making a special effort to do this for the fans. Please have questions prepared ahead of time. We will try to allow everyone to ask at least one question if time allows. If you do not receive a chance to ask a question before Free Chat, we apologize ahead of time.

Rule #2 - Be in the chatroom 20 minutes prior to start time. The room will be locked 5 minutes after the session begins and no one will be let in until the chat is over.

Rule #3 - Please mind your manners and your language. If He-Man didn't say it on the cartoon, you shouldn't say it either. Abusers will be promptly removed from the chatroom and will not be allowed to return.

Rule #4 - During the Q&A session, you will not be able to chat openly in the room. We will go down the list of users one at a time. When it is your turn to ask your question, one of the moderators of the chat will give you the ability to ask the Guest your own question. Everyone in the chatroom will be able to see the question and answer.

Rule #5 - Please do not ask multiple-part questions. In other words, do not ask a question like:
"Can you tell me if She-Ra will be a toy? And if she is, what about her friends? And if her friends are, can we expect a horde toyline, too? And playsets?"
Instead, phrase it like "Can you tell us if anything She-Ra related will be seen in the future?"
Get the most out of your question.

Rule #6 - If you accidentally get disconnected from the internet or close the window, you will NOT be able to return to the chatroom.
Please reconnect and when it says you need an invitation, type the following and hit enter:
/msg TheShadow I was disconnected
If you were originally in the session, TheShadow will be able to verify that you were indeed in the chat and will let you back in.

Rule #7 - Please pay attention to the chat so that repeat questions aren't asked.

Rule #8 - Have fun!!!!

Some helpful commands for the chat:

To change your nickname, type
/nick YourPreferredName
(then hit enter)

i.e: /nick Mikey

To send a private message to someone, type
/msg TheirName YourMessage

i.e: /msg TheShadow Hey, did you see what he just said?! That rules!

If you are using the chat applet, be aware that chat windows with other users will cover up the main chat window.
There are small icons at the bottom of the screen that you can click on to navigate between chat windows.
A green dot on the icon means you are in that window.
If an icon is Red, that means a message or text has been typed in that window since you last viewed it.

***Techy Info for you net-savvy types***
For all IRC users who don't want to use the chat applet, here is the info you will need:
IRC Server:
Port: 6667