Hi, all!
We just wanted to remind everybody about the 'Official Masters of the Universe Launch Event' at the Times Square Toys R Us in New York City on Friday, October 18th.
The event starts at 4:00pm sharp and ends at 6:00pm.

As you might have heard, there's going to be lots of cool stuff going on at the event.
Things to do for the younger MotU fans, He-Man and Skeletor themselves will be there to greet people, we (the Four Horsemen) are going to be there to sign autographs and chat with everybody. It should be a good time.

But here are a few things that you may not have heard about:
The whole shindig itself is going to be hosted by 'Mr. Saved by the Bell' himself, Mario Lopez (who is also one of the co-hosts for the day-time talk show 'The Other Half')!! From what we're hearing, there's a pretty good chance that he's going to bring his lady-freind Ali Landry (y'know - the Dorito's girl?) along with him!! Mario was chosen for this event because of his long-standing love for everything MotU! He was a huge fan of Masters of the Universe when he was a kid, and he's just as excited as the rest of us about the launch of the Masters of the Universe for a new generation!

Mattel is providing official commemorative Toys R Us Launch Event stickers similar to ones on the 2002 Comic Con He-Man figures to be put on the packages of all of the MotU figures purchased at Toys R Us Times Square that day to let people know that YOU were at the shindig in person!! There will be an area on the stickers for the Four Horsemen to sign them if desired.

We will have the He-Man and Skeletor 2-up prototypes on display for everyone to droooool over. This will be the first time these babies have ever been out and about on the East Coast so be sure to come by and welcome them.

When you stop by the table please let us know what your screen-names are and what message boards you frequent. We'd like to be able to keep tabs on everyone who is able to stop in. We will be also passing out free official limited edition Four Horsemen cloisonne pins to all of the people receiving official commemorative Toys R Us launch Event stickers that day. Be sure to stop by the table and say 'HI'.

Now, we realise that a lot of you aren't going to be able to make it to the event on the 18th, and we wanted you all to feel somewhat included too. So, for all of you who will be at home waiting for reports of the event to come across the internet, the Four Horsemen's new website will be going live at the exact same time as the start of the event. October 18th at 4:00pm will be the official launch date and time. Be sure to come by and check out all of the stuff.
We'll have lots of galleries, Four Horsemen bio and history pages, a forums page, and in the future some peviews images of new and upcoming projects. Be sure to drop by the forums pages and let us know what you think, good or bad, about the toys, the website, and anything else that pops into your head.


We know people are going to have questions like, "Will Ram-Man and Mekaneck be availabe at the event?"
and "Are any of the voice actors form the cartoon going to be there?"
and "Is this 'Official Launch' only going to happen in NYC or all over?".

The real answer to those questions from us is - we just don't know. We're going along with Mattel and Toys R Us for the ride to have the opportunity to meet with fans of MotU, and what we've stated above is about all we know of right now.

If anything more pops up between now and October 18th, we'll let you know. Take care everyone. We can't wait to see everyone there.

Chris, Eric, Jim and Cornboy